14 July 2023 Friday
Sunny, then cloudy
Top of 29

After breakfast in the studio with bread from Bring, we both worked at our respective desks. I wrote my diary, sorted photographs and poems, and worked as an editor of our publication as part of our residency project. Martin wrote poetry. Then he went for a walk up to the Yugami-jinja Shrine.

The origin of the Yugami-jinja Shrine dates back to the 8th year of the Genroku era (1695), when Onuma Kyubei, a hot-spring guardian at the time, took the initiative and together with local people, erected a stone monument to Zao Gongen on the hillside of Gongen Mountain. The deity is Zao Yugami or Zao’s hot water god.

We had lunch 1:30 pm at Hanamizuki, then mostly continued to work at our desks other than when I went to buy tofu at Hasegawa-ya, bread at Bring and vegetables at Ono Shoten.

Afternoon light through Togatta Maruyoshi Artist Residence window. Photo by Mayu Kanamori

At 8:30pm Satoh Kyoko-san came to the studio with two poems she wrote for our residency project. She told us she was going to Tokyo because she had an exhibition there. She showed us photographs of necklaces and earrings with miniature kokeshi made by a traditional kokeshi maker as well as small balls made with fabric she had dyed herself with indigo.

We turned off our light at 9:30 pm.