About Us

Mayu Kanamori

I am a Japanese born artist based at the foothills of Kurohime-yama in Shinshu. My projects often focus on storytelling and community collaboration. I am a photographer by trade, but I also work in video, write plays, blogs and poetry, create audio-visual installations, and make performances. My full CV and information about my past projects are here: https://mayu.com.au/mayu-profile/




Martin Edmond

I was born in Ohakune, New Zealand and grew up in small towns in the North Island. After university I joined avant-garde theatre troupe Red Mole and with them toured the US and the UK. In 1981 I moved to Sydney, Australia where I began to write and publish books of non-fiction, focused on the fields of biography, autobiography, history and fine arts; however these books are all hybrid works because I have always enjoyed mixing genres. I first visited Japan in the spring of 2018 and since February 2023 have been living in Shinanomachi, Nagano Prefecture. At the moment I am trying to learn how to write haibun. https://mjedmo.wordpress.com/





Chie Muraoka

I am a designer and web developer based in Sydney, Australia. I have been collaborating on not-for-profit and educational community-based screen projects, incorporating design strategies with audio, visual, complex search and collate, and geo-locative functions to assist in artist archives, community storytelling and international student exchanges. https://www.tramindo.com.au/