In Repose

In Repose is a site-specific collaborative multi art form project with dance, music, visual projection, sound-scapes and installation, inspired by old Japanese graves in Australia. In Repose is a requiem: a work of kuyo, a Japanese term, which describes an act of ceremonial prayer or offering to respect, honour and calm the spirits of the deceased. Its origins are in Buddhism, and its practice has become a part of the Japanese spiritual culture with or without its religious connection.
Mayu Kanamori (photography/storytelling)
Satsuki Odamura (koto music)
Wakako Asano (dance / choreography)
Vic McEwan (sound design/storytelling)
Guest Artists: Shigeaki Iwai (Townsville), Frank Moitha (Thursday Island), Nicky Akune (Broome)
Keith Tucker (lighting design)
Videography: Shigeaki Iwai, Darrin Baker
Music Compositions: Mark Isaacs, Rosalind Page, Michael Whiticker, Satsuki Odamura

This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)

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