[Currently in development]                      Untitled.Showa  is a project for making new meanings and solving a mystery and through found photographs. Contributors interact (can be online) with a collection of old photographs from Japan, found in Australia, to solve a historic puzzle. In tandem are workshops, online story telling and cross-cultural networking. Background: Today, over 1.8 billion images are uploaded daily on the net. Individual photos are now seen on in split seconds, and without reflection. Although there are many merits to our new found quick and easy photographic experiences, both to view, to take, and “like”, we have lost the power of […]

Cowra Voices & Cowra Japanese War Cemetery Online Database

Cowra Voices and the Cowra Japanese War Cemetery Online Database, projects which spanned over 3 years were both completed in 2019. Cowra Voices   Cowra Voices was launched on August 3, 2019 as part of the 75th anniversary commemorations of the Cowra Breakout. This project’s main aim was to link people and places with a geo-locative app – much like a heritage trail app – exploring Cowra’s unique story of civic peace and reconciliation. Its aims include facilitating a deeper, more intimate engagement with Cowra’s history through audio/multimedia storytelling. Cowra is the home of the famous Cowra Breakout by Japanese prisoners of war, one of the largest attempts at escaping prison during WWII. Cowra Voices app […]

Jetty to Jetty – Stories of Broome

The Jetty to Jetty Trail is Yawuru’s heritage walk along the foreshore of Roebuck Bay. The app is an audio companion to the trail, including over 90 minutes of stories and music. Nyamba Buru Yawuru with partners UDLA and Shire of Broome Sarah Yu, Bart Pigram, Mayu Kanamori, Vanessa Margetts, Jeremy Macmath, 28 Elders and story-tellers.

i just can’t say that word

i just can’t say that word is a collaborative multi arts project between Mayu Kanamori and Vic McEwan in response to Mayu’s diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Mayu and Vic have created many artistic projects over the years so when Mayu was considering ways in which to focus on the “present” in order to assist her journey, she thought the thing to do would be to ask Vic to work with her, to see what they uncovered.  Could they make art during this time? Art that is beautiful? Art that is harrowing? Art that is vulnerable and strong? They are working towards an artistic outcome that will exist as […]

Yasukichi Murakami – Through a Distant Lens

“We take so many photographs. How do we know which ones are important, which ones matter?” Japanese photographer, entrepreneur and inventor Yasukichi Murakami was the talk of the town in Broome and Darwin in the early 1900s, until the outbreak of the Second World War saw him and his family, like all Japanese in Australia, interned as enemy aliens. Murakami’s photographs were impounded and subsequently lost. Using photographic projections, video, original music, soundscape, and dramatic action, Japanese-Australian photographer and writer Mayu Kanamori goes in search of Murakami’s lost photographs. Uncovering a fascinating story of unlikely friendships, thwarted ambition and unrequited love,Yasukichi Murakami stirs our collective amnesia about the history of the Japanese […]