A Compendium for Navigating Borderlands


コラージュ、金森マユ Collage by Mayu Kanamori



A Compendium for Navigating Borderlands


A collection of words and images exploring places, practices and notions of borders, real, imagined, and reimagined.

A border is an imaginary line separating this place from that place, us from them, and you from me. The origin of the word comes from the coloured bands surrounding shields in heraldry, signifying identity of the noble, and a shield, which protects during battles.

Chapter One

Photographs taken, collages created and poems written during Covid lockdowns in Bulanaming / Marrickville.

Chaper Two

Photographs and essay

フォト・エッセイ: ロックダウンの中、シドニーから見えた境界線 (Photo Essay: Borders Visible from Sydney during Lockdowns)

As part of 移動と境界: 超境者からみるオーストラリア (Migration and Boundaries: Australia seen through those who transcend borders)

Edited by IIZASA Sayoko and KAMADA Mayumi

Published by K.K.Showa-do

Chapter Three

Haiku walk and video: Blurring Boundaries

in collaboration on a Ginko (Haiku walk) with poets KIM Chang Hee, MISE Hisui, KAWAMATA Yu, EDMOND Martin and MINATO Keiji.

Chapter Four

Exhibition and Seminar

Australian Studies Association of Japan

Matsuyama University Himata Campus 15 & 16 June 2024




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