Cowra Voices & Cowra Japanese War Cemetery Online Database

Cowra Voices and the Cowra Japanese War Cemetery Online Database, projects which spanned over 3 years were both completed in 2019. Cowra Voices   Cowra Voices was launched on August 3, 2019 as part of the 75th anniversary commemorations of the Cowra Breakout. This project’s main aim was to link people and places with a geo-locative app – much like a heritage trail app – exploring Cowra’s unique story of civic peace and reconciliation. Its aims include facilitating a deeper, more intimate engagement with Cowra’s history through audio/multimedia storytelling. Cowra is the home of the famous Cowra Breakout by Japanese prisoners of war, one of the largest attempts at escaping prison during WWII. Cowra Voices app […]

Japanese internees

The Japanese Cemetery in Cowra is known because it is where the Japanese soldiers who died during the famous Cowra Breakout are buried. It is less known that about third of the people buried in the cemetery were civilians of Japanese origin and or diaspora who died whilst in internment during WWII. The history of Japanese internment in Australia during WWII has not seen much light of the day in the wider community. Some of those interned were members of the Indigenous communities in places like Broome and Thursday Island. Others were civilians from New Caledonia, Indonesia and New Hebrides. Unlike in Canada or United States, there have been no […]