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Gathering Ground
Mayu Kanamori's documentation images from 'Back on the Block', Gathering Ground 2006 will be on plasma screen display at Redfern Community Centre as part of City of Sydney History Week 2007. Launch 20th Sept 2007 11:00-3:00.
Bacio della Vita
Bacio della Vita is images and sounds from the island of Sardinia. The photographs were taken by Mayu Kanamori. The music was composed by Jim Denley, using a launedda, a traditional Sardinian wind instrument and voices of some of Sardinia's centenarians.
Bacio della Vita will be shown as part of Cross Projections 2007 in Sydney in October and Festival No Arte 2007 in San Sperade.
In Repose
A collaborative multi art form project with dance, music, visual projection, story telling and installation, which will explore the stories of both the temporary Japanese workers who died at the turn of last century and were buried in Townsville and their Australian counterparts who buried their bodies.

Chika is a multi layered contemporary story telling, crossing the disciplines of journalism, visual and performing arts, incorporating live music, dance, and narration, projected images and recorded voices. Chika In association with ABC Radio National was a finalist: in the Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism.
A sound & slide documentary which premiered as part of Broome's annual Shinju Matsuri Festival. The radio feature which aired on Radio Eye August, 2000 received a commendation in the 2000 Media Peace Awards.
Three short video works, entitled New Year in Wimmera, Hakamairi and Mizuko. Mayu uses a series of still photographs, voices and music to introduce an aspect of the Japanese migrant psyche to Australians. Rahai was presented at the Cowra Art Gallery, in September, 2004
Series of black and white images with a loose story line of two older Australians Judy and Alan, who found each other later in their lives, who candidly discuss their love and sex life.
Photographs of three ordinary men who scatter their parent's ashes to sea in a typical Australian blokes' ceremony.
Multi media documentary about a group of Australian children visiting Japan to take part in a children’s theatre festival.
Photographs of dancer / choreographer, Tess de Quincey and composer / saxophonist Jim Denley as they improvised their sound and movement. Still photographs rebuild our memory of moments gone.
Video style art reflecting Mayu's migrant psyche whilst walking through the Australian terrain.
Series of thirty photographic collage works on paper in sequence of visual artist Anthony Pelchen and dancer Yumi Umiumare.

The photomedia work ‘Teiju to wa Nandaro‘ was Finalist in the prestigious Conrad Jupiters Art Prize, 2005

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