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  The Heart of the Journey
Camel Ride The Heart of the Journey is a multimedia sound and slide show of over three hundred fifty still photographs with digitally recorded and mixed interviews and music as well as a live performance component. The show moves in a linear fashion telling the true story of Lucy Dann's personal journey.
Lucy Dann

Lucy Dann was born in Broome Western Australia and grew up thinking she was aboriginal. In her twenties Lucy discovered her biological father was a Japanese man who had worked in Broome's pearling industry & returned to Japan shortly after her birth.

 Biddy We meet Mayu a Japanese born photographer. Lucy is now forty years old she & Mayu form a friendship & together they decide to journey to Japan to try to find the other half of Lucy's roots the Japanese father who had nursed her proudly when she was still a baby.

Broome It is Lucy's first time out of Australia. Mayu records the journey as they travel via Hong Kong to the neon lit streets of Tokyo on a bullet train & in Taiji the small fishing village in western Japan that is her father's home. Through Mayu's translation and mediation Lucy hopes to negotiate her way to meeting with her Japanese family.

The Heart of the Journey has universal themes of families friendship mediation and our search for self identity. It is a heart warming story about Japariginal multiculturalism and reconciliation on a personal level viewed and spoken from the hearts of Lucy and the other ordinary people who helped Lucy to follow her dream.
The Heart of the Journey DVD
The Heart of the Journey DVD is now on sale from the MiFA Store (Melbourne International Fine Art)
MiFA Store

Media Peace Awards

United Nations Association of Australia

The Heart of the Journey, the radio programme, received a commendation in the category of promotion of muticultural issues - 20th October 2000
A collaboration between Lucy Dann & Mayu Kanamori & ABC's Nick Franklin & John Jacobs the program aired on August 12th 2000 on Radio Eye ABC Radio National.

The Heart of the Journey was honored when Lucy was awarded Artist of the Year & Mayu received an award for Non Indiginous Reconciliation As part of NAIDOC week Broome 2001

The Heart of the Journey
as part of
July 2010

Asian Now
MiFA Opening Group Exhibition
15 April - 28 May
Curator: Mikala Tai
Mayu Kanamori (Japan/Australia)
Yang Yongliang (China)
Pia Johnson (Australia)
Kim Hoa Tram (Vietnam/Australia)
Chen Nong (China)
Ch'ng Huck Theng (Malaysia)
Nguyen Xuan Long (Vietnam)
Melbourne international Fine Art Melbourne international Fine Art (MiFA)

Mayu Kanamori and Lucy Dann's
The Heart of the Journey
part of the other APT
The other APT coincided with the Asia Pacific Triennial at the Queensland Art Gallery
the other APT

August 2000 The exhibition premiered as part of Broome's annual Shinju Matsuri Festival where at Pearl Luggers the sails of a traditional pearl lugger became the canvas for displaying the images.
October 2000 artist of the month Cybertribe
February 2001 The Heart of the Journey was part of the wa fringe festival
May - June 2001 The St Kilda Film Festival 2001
Melbourne Sydey Brisbane Perth Adelaide
October 2001 National Library of Australia Canberra
February 2002 Adelaide Fringe Festival
August 2002 7th Tokyo Performing Arts Market
October 2002 Carnivale Sydney
March 2003 Image Forum Tokyo
June 2003 Singapore Arts Festival
July 2003 Christchurch Arts Festival
August 2003 Festival of Darwin
November 2003 Yamaguchi Centre for Arts and Media
Medium: Multi media - Sound and slide show with performance
Genre: New Media/Documentary
Theme: Japariginal : people of mixed Japanese and Aboriginal origins. {coined by Ben Hills}
Recorded & Photographed on location in Broome, Hong Kong, Tokyo & Taiji
Format: Still Photographs on 35mm slide film and sound recorded on DAT.
Length: 45 minutes
Devised & Photographed by Mayu Kanamori
Story & Narration Lucy Dann
Director Mayu Kanamori
Co Producers: Malcolm Blaylock Mayu Kanamori & Lucy Dann
Production Manager Mikkel Mynster
Executive Production Manager Malcolm Blaylock
Original Production Manager Alec Dann
TRAX Programmer Stewart Amos
Sound Recording Lucy Dann
Mayu Kanamori
Sound Production Nick Franklin ABC Radio National
John Jacobs ABC Radio National
Julian Ellingworth Jules Sound Pty Ltd
Mayu Kanamori
¤ Echoes of the Ocean ©Indigenous Australia Pty Ltd
   written & performed by David Hudson
   flute by Shakimra from Guardians of the Reef
¤ Pearls ©Tom Fitzgerald 2001
   written production recording vocals
¤ Hidden Side of Your Life ©Alec Dann 2001
   written by Brian Hunter
   lyrics & production by Alec Dann
   recorded by Alec Dann and Brian Hunter
   vocals by Brian Hunter and Elizabeth Kelly
¤ Travelling Home ©Tom Fitzgerald 2001
   written production recording
Japanese Translation Hiromu Maruyama
Mayu Kanamori
Japanese Subtitles Akira Kamata
Yushiro Mizukoshi
Mayu Kanamori
Photography Lab Vision Graphics Sydney
Graphics adapted by afactor
Deborah Ladd
Fund Raisers Kaori Akutsu
Mayumi Kobayashi
Publicity Michelle Buxton
Education Consultant Meredith Bowman
Original Projection Norbert Schmiedeberg ITI-Image Group
Mayu Kanamori
Appearing in the Heart of the Journey
Alec Dann
Aled Dann
Biddy Boxer
Dee Konczal
Freddie Binsali
Kazuo Miura
Keiffer Dann
Mioko Tominaka
Nobuko Tsutsui
Osamu Nakagawa
Rosie Binsali
Tamotsu Tsutsui
Tom Konczal
Tomoe Shirosaki
Tsukasa Tsutsui
Tsurue Tsutsui
Vincent Angus
Yoshinobu Tsutsui
Yumi Tsutsui
Special Thank You ABC Radio National
Adelaide Fringe Festival 2002
Australian Embassy Tokyo
Broome Historical Society
Canon Australia Pty Ltd
Carnivale 2002
Hiromi Maruoka
Hiroto Tsutsui
ITI-Image Group Pty Ltd
Japan Communist Party
Japan National Tourist Organisation
Japan Cultural Centre, Sydney
Jules Sound Pty Ltd
Kathryn Hunyor
Lisa Iley
Michele Mossop
Mitsuo Tamura
Sharon Nathani
Shizuko Tsutsui
Siobhán McHugh
St Kilda Film Festival 2001
Tokyo Performing Arts Market 2002
Sydney Photographic Forum
The Performance Space
Video Postcard Company
Vision Graphics Pty Ltd
Australian Council for the Arts Australia Council for the Arts
This project has been assisted by the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council its arts funding and advisory body.
The Heart of the Journey's presentation at the 7th Tokyo Performing Arts Market was assisted by the Australia Council the Australian Government's arts funding and advisory body through its Audience and Market Develoment Division.
Presented by Paradigm Pty Ltd
117 Sturt Street Southbank VIC 3006
Malcolm Blaylock
Ph/fax: 61 3 9696 4425
© Photography: Mayu Kanamori 2000
© Sound: Lucy Dann
Lost in the Whitewash Lost in the Whitewash
Aboriginal-Asian Encounters in Australia, 1901-2001
"Lucy's Journey: A Photographic Essay"
Mayu's contribution to this work was based on "The Heart of the Journey"
Australian National University
Humanities Research Centre
Monograph Series No 15
ISBN 0-7315-3348-8
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