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The Island of the Ancients The Island of the Ancients
Photographs of Sardinia’s Centenarians

Exhibition dates: August 14 to September 28 2008
Venue: Customs House Library
Projects are part of ongoing collaboration between Mayu & Tess de Quincey, De Quincey Co and associated artists.
Lest We ForgetLest We Forget
Hiroshima, online 6 August 2008
Including Sarah, a finalist in The Olive Cotton Award, 2005
Sugao no Australia
Konica Plaza, Shinjuku, Tokyo May 2000
Coffee Beings
Hobson's Choice Foods, Melbourne 1998
Travellers' Tales
Unseen faces of Japan
Japan Cultural Centre, Sydney 1996
Japanese Gardens, Cowra 1996
First Tokyo Lesbian & Gay Parade 1994


Viva Oz Produce

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