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Unseen Faces of Japan
Man in Sanya
First Tokyo Lesbian & Gay Parade 1994
 Mayu Kanamori
 Bill Williams
Since I first came to live in Australia, the question I have been most frequently asked is "What are Japanese people really like?" Each time I try to answer I find myself mouthing cliches which are unjust to the people I know.
Japanese society is not homogeneous. The geisha admiring the cherry-blossom and the corporate samurai in his tiny high-tech apartment are just two of the many faces of modern Japan. Te country has hundreds of subcultures, each with its own distinctive lifestyle which I have tried to explore.
I hope this exhibtion at least goes part of the way to breaking down the myths and misunderstandings, not only for Australians but for Japanese like myself who feel that rascist stereotyping has no place in a modern multiculteral society.
philosopher's photos
Japan Foundation, Sydney
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