Relational flow

The relational flow meditation consisted of relaxing our bodies and minds, then gazing into each other’s eyes, then holding the intent to connect deeply with each other whilst staying present in awareness of our bodies.

Alicia’s 90 minutes

Running down Illawarra Road stark naked, extending my arms towards the distant sky with palms wide open … was what it felt like when I recently spent 90 minutes with Alicia Talbot. It reminded me of when I was in my early teens when older students had scandalized the school with the then vogue act of streaking. I had imagined what it must have felt like. And now I understood. It is worth mentioning that in my high school full of American expats, streakers were always ironically, and perhaps predictably, children of missionary parents. Driving away from Marrickville full of optimism, feeling freed from self-chained locks, I noticed the sky […]

On Crowd Funding

I used to cart a data projector, a dvd player and five speakers including a subwoofer in a suitcase large enough for myself to fit into in foetal position. I would drag this cumbersome and awkward kit to church halls, school seminar rooms, people’s back yards and lounge rooms in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and Tokyo, showing bits of work in progress on dvd and pitching the story of Chika Honda, a Japanese woman who spent ten and a half years in prisons in Melbourne for a crime she insisted she did not commit. This is how I fundraised to present CHIKA: A Documentary Performance at the  Malthouse  Theatre in Melbourne […]

August full moon in Broome

Candles and incense were lit and chochin lanterns decorated the Japanese Cemetery in Broome on the first full moon of August this year. On 2 August 2012, a historically significant Obon kuyo ceremony was held at the Japanese Cemetery in Broome. Conducting traditional hoyo was Reverend Shigenobu Watanabe from the Hongwanji Buddhist Mission of Australia with 250 community members of Broome. I had the honour of taking part in this ceremony. In Broome, Obon was celebrated every year before WWII on the full moon in August, as a time when the pearl luggers returned to Broome during spring tide and a suitable time to pay their respects to the deceased, […]

Japanese on the Move

Japanese on the Move is a project facilitated by Professor Ingrid Piller from Macquarie University and Dr Kimie Takahashi from Assumption University of Thailand, who have collected and collated personal stories and reflections  on what it means to be on the move and at home and to belong to two (or more) countries. This is a project which hits the exact pulse of where we are today: people moving from country to country, cultures to cultures, in a world that appears to be getting smaller by the minute. Concepts such as transnationalism and globalisation comes to mind. But these words are not just concepts. They are real to so many of us that live in […]