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The Island of the Ancients Book Cover The Island of the Ancients
Ben Hills
Photographs by Mayu Kanamori
Published: August 2008
Murdoch Books

Japan behind the lines Japan behind the lines
Ben Hills
Published: 1996
Hodder Headline Australia
ISBN: 0 7336 0088 3

Sekai no Pawaa Spotto Sekai no Pawaa Spotto
The Power Spots in the World

Published: 2001
Voice Japan

Shelter from the Storm Shelter from the Storm
Siobhán McHugh
Allen & Unwin ebook edition 2007
Allen & Unwin 1999
ISBN 1 86508 160 4

Oz Kids Oz Kids
International Nature Photo Club Pty Ltd
1999 Diary

Lost in the Whitewash Lost in the Whitewash
Aboriginal-Asian Encounters in Australia, 1901-2001
Mayu's contribution to this work "Lucy's Journey: A Photographic Essay" was based on her multimedia sound and slide documentary, "The Heart of the Journey"
Australian National University
Humanities Research Centre
Monograph Series No 15
ISBN 0-7315-3348-8
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