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In Repose The Heart of the Journey DVD
The Heart of the Journey DVD is now on sale from the MiFA Store (Melbourne International Fine Art)
MiFA Store

Ancestry Events History 2010
In Repose Asian Australian Forum & Amerasia Launch
A special issue of Amerasia Journal "Asian Australia, Asian America: Making Transnational Connections" with photo essay by Mayu Kanamori: "Would You Mind If I Settled Here?" was be launched at Museum of Chinese Australian History in Melbourne October 2010
Guest-edited by Jacqueline Lo, Dean Chan and Tseen Khoo
Mayu also spoke on her recent project "In Repose" as part of the Asian Australian Forum
Adelaide Festival Centre's
OzAsia Festival
In Repose
Mayu Kanamori (photography/storytelling)
Satsuki Odamura (koto music)
Wakako Asano (dance / choreography)
Vic McEwan (sound design/storytelling)
Keith Tucker (lighting design)
Videography: Shigeaki Iwai, Darrin Baker
Music Compositions: Mark Isaacs, Rosalind Page, Michael Whiticker, Satsuki Odamura

Space Theatre
1 - 2 October

OzAsia Festival presents In Repose

With thanks for their support
This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Exhibition & Performative Lecture
Presented by Japan Foundation, Sydney
In Repose
Dance/Choreography/Text: Wakako Asano
Sound Design: Vic McEwan

Artists' Performative Lectures:
10 April, 1 May, 13 May
Artist talk by Mayu Kanamori & Koto performance by Satsuki Odamura:
11 May
Artist Talk with Mayu Kanamori:
27 April, 11 May
Associated Artists Shigeaki Iwai

In Repose In Repose In Repose In Repose
Photographs: Jenny Evans
Artist's Talk on Radio National
The In Repose artists were featured on ABC Radio National's The Rhythm Divine, Friday 9th, April
Stripping Bareā€¦!
2010 ADSA Conference, Australian National University : 29th June to 2nd July
KEYNOTE ADDRESS by Dr Jacqueline Lo 'B(e)aring Memory: Invoking the Dead'
with a focus on In Repose
Ancestry Ancestry
The Weather Exchange
Ancestry She Had To Put In Contact Lenses To Think
Contact Lenses
3 June (Thurs) - 5 June (Sat)
Tusculum House
3 Manning St Potts Point
Ancestry Ancestry : brokenbench Group Exhibition

Mayu Kanamori
James Alcock
Sean Davey
Michele Mossop
Spiro Miralis
Therese Harrison
ANCESTRY by Mayu Kanamori With Thomas De Quincey (1785-1859), Bertie de Quincey 1916-2009 and Tess de Quincey b1954 First developed as a part of The Opium Confessions: Ghost Quarters presented by De Quincey Co in 2009
8 May - 20 May
The Heart of the Journey The Heart of the Journey
The Heart of the Journey
Asian Now
MiFA Opening Group Exhibition
15 April - 28 May
Artist Talk 1:30 & 2:30 pm Saturday 17 April
Curator: Mikala Tai
Mayu Kanamori (Japan/Australia)
Yang Yongliang (China)
Pia Johnson (Australia)
Kim Hoa Tram (Vietnam/Australia)
Chen Nong (China)
Ch'ng Huck Theng (Malaysia)
Nguyen Xuan Long (Vietnam)

7 July

Ancestry First Generation
Margaret and George Lappin at their first place of accommodation
Margaret and George Lappin at their first place of accommodation, a remaining Nissen hut at former Fairy Meadow Hostel site. Migrated from Scotland in 1969.
Viva La Gong Festival has commissioned photographer Mayu Kanamori, to create a portrait exhibition reflecting aspects of migrant experience in Wollongong. Mayu Kanamori has photographed people who migrated to Wollongong, post World War II, seeking work in the mining and textile industries.
Many of these first generation migrants share the experience of staying in places of temporary accommodation such as the Nissen Huts in Fairy Meadow and Balgownie, family garages, tents in Stuart Park or hostels and boarding houses.
The exhibition will feature contemporary portraits and a selection of archival black and white images from the late 1940s-1960s.
The MHP Migration Places project was undertaken by Louise Thom, Meredith Walker and Glynis Cummins in 2007. The MHP Migration Places project was supported by funds from the Wollongong City Council, the NSW Heritage Council and the Migration Heritage Centre.
Festival Day: Saturday, 7 November
Exhibition launch: Friday, 30 October
Exhibition dates: October 2009 - April 2010
Wollongong City Gallery exterior panels
Cnr of Kembla & Burelli st, Wollongong
Art There Medina MHPViva La Gong

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