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When I Grow Up, I Want to Be...
Traveller 6 feet tall Happy, Humorous, Healthy, Wise, Alive Living in the country Happy Documentary maker A Superstar Opera Singer feline An ESL teacher a giant felt ??? maker content japanese A rock star living on the south coast chilled actually invited to the party me cartoonist When I grow up I want to be a PHILOSOPHER At peace peace antsy wise electric guitar player A beautiful corpse Enlightened T dancer angel Soccer player a dancer dancing Tino Rangatiratanga bee keeper relaxed a pilot alive Manny Wise & Weird a friendly dirty Harry Wise, Forgiving - and still taking risks Young I want to be a .... ooh....I'm not sure yet! trams able to do whatever I like whenever I like australia's No 1 Bowler hair dresser famous coneptial artist free dancer Hito A grown-up a man A gypsy trobadour who can spell a grandmother Be Happy a beach bunny adult Able to Love Laugh and Learn like a child a flight attendant Wise Happy interesting shop assistant Darrell Hilton Young again everything a stick figure a yogi Traveler doctor To be really good at anything Time Traveller! Growing my own vegies on a farm Brave & Happy Fireman A kid again a snowflake immature Not a grown-up reincarnated a fire engine driver a sea bird I want to be a ..... Budda a star a film maker ..... playing jazz

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