The Borderlands of Belief

Mayu Kanamori, Satsuki Odamura and Wakako Asano talk to Geoff Wood about In Repose.                   On ABC Radio National Rhythm Divine The Borderlands of Belief on ABC RN 6:05AM EST Feb 10, 2013 Downloads: Full Radio Program Excerpt from Program Transcript of interview with In Repose Artists Music CHINKON composed by Mark Isaacs, written especially for the bass koto, played by Satsuki Odamura. Sound designs on location with koto & bass koto  by Vic McEwan. Other  include Rosalind Page, Michael Whiticker and Shigeaki Iwai.

NOW Now Festival

The 12th annual NOW Now Festival of exploratory music is happening January 9th- 13th 2013 ! Running over five massive days, the festival presents music, sound and art without borders. Featuring a huge array of local, interstate, and international artists, expect an enormous presentation of exploratory/spontaneous/experimental/improvised/outsider/other music.                                               DEAD CALM: Satsuki Odamura (koto / bass koto) and Mayu Kanamori (photography / projection)   9PM Thursday 10 January, 2013. The Red Rattler 6 Faversham Street, Marrickville Day passes, 3-day passes and festival passes available from or on the door. Click here for fabulous line up of […]

From a composer to Mandalay Grandpa

Chinkon was originally composed by composer Mark Isaacs in 2006 especially for Satsuki Odamura‘s bass koto for our project In Repose. This year I added images to Chinkon, and  a version dedicated to the victims of the recent disaster in Japan had been created. This morning I posted a news item on my news page announcing the opening of an exhibition of  the video work, Chinkon at the Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne tonight. I also made public the work through YouTube and notified Satsuki and Mark that I had done so. Thus I received the following email from Mark, which with his permission I have reproduced here: “I dedicated […]