Carnival of Bold – Artists for social change

Six artists lead the ranks on the quest for social change with works highlighting cultural awareness, indigenous rights, sexuality, gender equality, diversity, feminism, youth and marginalised communities. Carnival of the Bold presents a lineup that will captivate, challenge and inspire you. Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), Sydney Saturday, 6th June 2015 3pm – 5pm More info: Tix: Mayu Kanamori: Japanese-Australian Storyteller Candy Bowers: Hip Hop Artist / Writer Luka Lesson: Spoken Word Artist Rani Pramesti: Indonesian-Australian Performance Maker Fadia Abboud: Arab-Australian Filmmaker Poetribe (Yilinhi – Lorna Munro): Indigenous Spoken Word Performer Kim ‘Busty Beatz’ Bowers: Performer

Alicia’s 90 minutes

Running down Illawarra Road stark naked, extending my arms towards the distant sky with palms wide open … was what it felt like when I recently spent 90 minutes with Alicia Talbot. It reminded me of when I was in my early teens when older students had scandalized the school with the then vogue act of streaking. I had imagined what it must have felt like. And now I understood. It is worth mentioning that in my high school full of American expats, streakers were always ironically, and perhaps predictably, children of missionary parents. Driving away from Marrickville full of optimism, feeling freed from self-chained locks, I noticed the sky […]

Yasukichi MURAKAMI Through A Distant Lens

                        YASUKICHI MURAKAMI: THROUGH A DISTANT LENS BY MAYU KANAMORI 10 – 21 FEBRUARY 2015 – SYDNEY, GRIFFIN THEATRE COMPANY Mon – Fri 7pm Sat 2pm and 7pm Bookings & Tix “We take so many photographs. How do we know which ones are important, which ones matter?” Created and written by Mayu Kanamori Directed by Malcolm Blaylock Music and sound design by Terumi Narushima Dramaturg Jane Bodie Visual Design  Mic Gruchy Lighting Design Luiz Pampolha Dramturgic Consultant Yuji Sone Performed by Arisa Yura & Kuni Hashimoto with Yumi Umiumare Produced by Annette Shun Wah, Performance 4a Japanese photographer, entrepreneur and […]

Born in the Year of the Horse

In collaboration with Maylei Hunt, Yoshiko Ito, Jayanto Damanik, Yiwon Park and Miranda Zhao, Mayu Kanamori’s video installation for 2014 City of Sydney Chinese New Year, Crossing Boundaries: A Celebration of Contemporary Asian Australian Art is an investigation into human stereotypes, which can often be negative, leading to racism or often positive, self-reinforcing and preventing deeper understanding of humanity.     To be born in a particular year is said to carry certain personality traits such as being born in the year of the horse. This works examines these stereotypes we attribute to the conditions we are born in, and as a result, pose questions and challenge our preconceived notions about […]

A Night of Wonder

Artists Vic McEwan, Mayu Kanamori and Shigeaki Iwai in collaboration with SunRice staff, AGS staff rice growers and Coleambally community members to re-imagine the SunRice Coleambally Rice Mill site. As part of The CAD Factory and SunRice Contemporary Arts Partnership.