You’ve Mistaken Me For A Butterfly – film


Studies on the history of Japanese women in Australia, with a view to writing a love story, lead a Japanese Australian artist Mayu Kanamori to uncover a historical rape case in the gold fields of Western Australia during the gold rush, its subsequent court case and the history of karayuki san or early Japanese prostitutes in Australia. Her quest took her from the National Library in the Australian capital to a now forgotten ghost town in Western Australia, and finally to Southern Japan, where young women were taken on board coal ships as stowaways to brothels all over the world. You’ve Mistaken Me For A Butterfly is a film portraying a philosophical journey of a migrant woman, and her attempt to reconcile historical events in the contemporary world.

A Film By Mayu Kanamori

Music Terumi Narushima

Advisor Malcolm Blaylock

Camera Takayuki Odawara, Nick Payne, Mayu Kanamori

Editing Consultancy / Colour Darrin Baker

Voice Recording / Engineering Philip Muscatello

Performance / Butterfly Trick Ryuichi Fujimura

Artwork Shigemi Nakamura-Simms

Translation & Subtitling Junko Hirabayashi

Planning Yasushi Nagata Osaka University

Website Chie Muraoka

Co-Producers Mayu Kanamori and Malcolm Blaylock

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Under license from

Butterfly – lexaarts

Clouds – Archao

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Crescent moon – muratart

Butterflies- micromotion

Washing- BlackBoxGuild

Moths – gonin

Outback -Jana Schoenknecht

Other Licenses:

2573 Clouds -Pixabay/Pexels


Jessica Ann Mccamey/Mixkit

Locations & Support:

National Library of Australia

Gwalia Ghost Town & Museum

The Old Court House Law Museum

Kuchinotsu History, Folklore and Marine Museum

Kuchinotsu Museum of History and Folklore

Risho-in Taishi-do

State Records Office of Western Australia

Shire of Leonora

Special Thanks:

Arisa Yura

Carol Hayes

Clarissa Bell

David Hinde

Jacqueline Lo

Jenevieve Chang

Keiko Tamura

Kraig Grady

Laura Dales

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