Yasukichi Murakami Through A Distant Lens (Osaka) and Seminar

Japanese language production of Yasukichi Murakami -Through A Distant Lens 

Despite his success as a photographer, businessman and an inventor in Northern Australia, Murakami Yasukichi was interned as an enemy alien during the Pacific War because he was a Japanese national. His application for naturalisation in previous years had been denied due to the White Australia Policy. He died in the internment camp. His work has remained largely unknown, but is now gradually being uncovered by Japanese Australian photographer Kanamori Mayu. Yasukichi Murakami – Through a Distant Lens is a play about Kanamori experiences while exploring Murakami’s footprints. Kanamori herself is a character in the play, meeting Murakami, talking with him, and discussing friendships, family, love, war, and photography.


19 January 2024 (Fri) 7pm   *   20 January 2024 (Sat) 2pm (Seminar afterwards)  *   21 January 2024 (Sun) 2pm


Writer: Kanamori Mayu

Translater: Sawada Keiji

Director: Yamaguchi Hiroaki

Actors: Cho ChongHyung, Sakaguchi Shuichi, and Sugie Mio

Lighting Designers: Watarikawa Tomohiko and Imura Nami

Rehearsal Director: Yamanaka Shuichi

With: MAIMU Pro and 8.22 Kikaku

Sound Designer: Narushima Terumi

Designer: Muraoka Chie

Producers: Nagata Yasushi and Kastylianchanka, Iryna


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