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Every photographer, that is everyone with a camera has at one time or another photographed clouds in the sky. I too have photographed hundreds of clouds and cloud formations in my  time both from the ground looking up and from an airplane looking down. But from today I would never be able to photograph clouds in the same way ever again.

As a volunteer translator for 311 Kids Photo Journal, today I translated a blog entry by photographer Masataka Namazu and young photographer Tetsuya Tadano.  One of Tetsuya’s photographs of the autumn sky in Kamaya district of Ishinomaki where he used to live before the recent tsunami  had the title  “Cloud with everyone riding.”

From today onwards whenever I photograph clouds, I will always see loved ones  riding on them. Thank you, Tetsuya.

Link to the blog entry by Masataka Namazu and Testuya Tadano:

「みんなが乗っている雲」“Cloud with everyone riding” (photo by © Tetsuya Tadano / Miyagi / 311 Kids Photo Journal)



This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)


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