Relational flow

The relational flow meditation consisted of relaxing our bodies and minds, then gazing into each other’s eyes, then holding the intent to connect deeply with each other whilst staying present in awareness of our bodies.


This is a forgotten story of the Japanese in Australia.
Inspired by the true story of Yasukichi Murakami, a Japanese-Australian photographer, entrepreneur and inventor who was a remarkable character in northern Australia in the early 1900s, this multi-disciplinary work is a contemporary framing of Murakami’s life through the lens of modern day Japanese-Australian theatre maker Mayu Kanamori.

AWASE MISO @Canowindra

PRESENTED BY ROSNAY ORGANIC  AWASE MISO is an improvisational cooking performance with music, movement and story telling of miso soup. Miso is a seasoning made of fermented soybeans. Awase is to combine and mix. By sharing the ritual of cooking miso soup, a deeply rooted and emotional tradition often passed on from mothers to daughters in Japan, the artists and audience explore synthesis of memories of family and love through preparation of soup, songs and rhymes of giving and nourishing. ARTISTS: Terumi Narushima, Arisa Yura, Alex Salter and Mayu Kanamori DATE & TIME: 10 Oct (Sat) 6:30pm – 8:00pm VENUE: All Saints’ Anglican Church, Belmore St, Canowindra TICKETS @DOOR: $25 General Admission; $15 […]


Terumi Narushima and Mayu Kanamori is AWASE MISO – an improvisational performance collaboration with Ash Baker (deep industrial sound waves), WeiZen Ho (sound-body-objects), Linda Luke (dance), Zeb Olsen (electric guitar), Alan Schacher (body, props) and Gary Warner (harmonograph) as part of SOUND BITES #20, “SOUND BITES BODY 2” curated by WeiZen Ho. “…in the mix – multimedia artist turned instrument-maker, dancers, sound-makers, performance artist, and ex-punk rocker, a photographer/story-teller and a composer/sound designer. ” Sat 2 May, 2015 5-7pm WEST Project Space 38 Railway Parade, Hazelbrook