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Sekai no Pawaa Spotto

Sekai no Pawaa Spotto

The Power Spots in the World
Japan, Okinawa Australia China UK USA Hawaii Germany Italy Peru

The earth we live on has special places which we call Power Spots. What are these places? In this book, we have asserted that Power Spots are places that we can derive energy from the earth.


Power Spots are not always the same as religious or sacred sites & they should not be confused necessarily with the many spots hailed by the groups interested in the various mysteries of the world. They are the places that make you mysteriously relaxed, as if recharged. Places that cleanse the impurities in our bodies and souls, and make us feel at one with nature and the universe. If the earth was one life form, if the earth was talking to us, what will you communicate?

Power Spots is a collaboration by writers & photographers from around the globe; using local knowledge, each presents the power spots of their region. They have endeavoured to introduce those places which are simple in nature, which have not yet been sensationalised as a tourist or mystery spots.

Power Spots chosen in Australia

"I have chosen three special places in Northern Territory for this book's Australian Chapter: Douglas (Tjuwliyn) Hot springs, Lightening Dreaming on Arnhem Land Escarpment seen from Noulangie Rock, and Sunset viewing from Ubirr Rock."

  • Douglas (Tjuwliyn) Hot springs: Sacred woman's site, which is said to heal illnesses. Secrets for women only are not revealed, however a message from the Traditional owner/elder from the area is given.

  • Lightening Dreaming: The Lightening Man (Namargon ) has left his eye on the Arnhem Land Escarpment. Be energised by the lightening storms of this area.

  • Ubirr Rock: Beautiful sunsets and dreamtime stories with the Rainbow Serpent.

Book Cover Sekai no Pawaa Spotto
Power Spots of the World
Published: 2001 Voice Japan
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